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Teachers, Staff & Governors

The school is led by the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Kaye Pitcher and  Head of School Mrs A Brook

Teaching Staff

Wrens & Chicks (Nursery)- Mrs Williams

Robins (Reception & Year 1) -Mrs Muller

Wagtails (Year 1&2) -Mrs Bateman Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (morning) & Mrs Curtis –  Wednesday (afternoon), Thursday, Friday

Starlings (Year 3) – Mrs Golay

Kestrels (year 4/5) – Mrs Cooper  Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday & Mrs Berrington Thursday & Friday

Barn Owls (year 5/6) – Mr Watson

Mrs Brook is the Co-ordinator of Special Educational Needs (SENCo) and  the designated Child Protection Officer

PPA time covered by Mrs Brook

Teaching Assistants

All teachers are supported in the classroom by Learning Support Assistants.

Nursery (Wrens & Chicks) -Miss Clayton, Miss Meehan

Robins – Mrs Ibbotson

Wagtails -Mrs Olivey

Starlings -Mrs Richardson

Kestrels -Mrs Watson

Barn Owls -Mrs Smith (covering Mrs Hicks sick leave)

Our dedicated school caretaker is Mr Roberts

Our school secretaries are Mrs. Worrall and Mrs Burnham

School Chef – Mrs Lindsey (Mr Paul Bown covering sick leave)

Lunch  Supervisors – Mrs Clarke & Miss Rees

Lunchtime Supervisory Staff are Mrs Watson, Mrs Richardson & Mrs Olivey

Board of Directors

The Learning Academy Trust

The Trust Articles of Association – TLAT

Charity Trustees’ and Members’ Names – TLAT

Accounts TLAT 2016 2017 2018

St Merryn School Local Advisory Board (LAB)

(Pecuniary Interests = PI, Attendance as of 31st Aug 15=A)

Chair of Governors: Mrs Nicola Soden

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Kaye Pitcher  (01/09/17 Headteacher) A 100%


Head of School: Mrs Alison Brook PI – St Merryn Garage (21/09/15 Associate Member) A 100%

Mrs Brook has been Assistant Head for 11 years. Not only was Alison born in the village, but she attended this primary school. Alison has been at this school for 19 years and in education for 27 years.

Community Governor: Mrs Sharon Wells (01/10/18) A 100%

Staff Governor: Mrs Tors Golay (01/12/17) A 100%

Tors Golay has been teaching at St Merryn for 3 years in both KS1 and KS2. In 2018 she became literacy lead.

Mrs Vicky Worrall is Clerk to the governors and also the school secretary.

School model Who are they
Executive Headteacher Mrs Kaye Pitcher
Head of School Mrs Alison Brook
 Parent Mrs Sharon Wells
 Staff Mrs Tors Golay
Chair Mrs Nicola Soden
1 Community Mrs Sharon Wells
Clerk to the governors Mrs Vicky Worrall

Any complaints should be addressed to the Chair of Governors Nicola Sowden who is also the whistleblower, her details are available through the school office 01841 520683. The complaints procedure can be found on our ‘policies