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Please make sure your child has a sun hat and sun cream in school
st merryn nursery room


We feel privileged to be able to accommodate three year olds at our school. We have a beautiful light, airy space with a home-from-home feel. Our sessions can hold up to 16 children and we have three permanent members of staff within the setting. The nursery is run as part of the school and so has access to all the schools staff, premises and equipment. Admission to the nursery does not however guarantee you a place in the school.

Admissions Nursery 2017 - 2018.pdf (276 downloads)

Admission form for Nursery

30 hours funding Sep 17 – DfE Frequently Asked Questions

All staff are highly qualified and are managed by the Headteacher of the school. Day-to-day management of the nursery is the responsibility of Mrs Megan Turner. Nursery and Reception are led by Mr Cotton.

Interview with Mrs Turner

Why I got into Nursery Teaching?

In high school I decided that I wanted to work with children, in particular the nursery age group. I wanted to be part of the early years of a child’s life and Education. I find it extremely important to give children the best start in life, for them to want to learn, experiment, explore about life and the world around them. I always wanted to be part of children’s wonder and excitement in learning new things, in assisting them achieve everyday skills, and helping them to feel comfortable in their surroundings while finding their way through their early lives.

Why do I want to work at St Merryn?

The reason I chose to come over from Australia to work at St Merryn was the beautiful surroundings of the school. It is so fantastic to work in such a beautiful environment. The community feel is so lovely and friendly and I was welcomed immediately. St Merryn school is so professional, and has every child’s learning and happiness at heart, I am proud to be part of the school and the St Merryn community.

What do I love about my job?

I love everything; I am so privileged to spend my days with a wonderful group of children, who are excited to learn. I get to experience with the children the WOW in the everyday, to see the happiness in their faces when they accomplish something new.

I am honoured to work with professionals who hold the same values as I do, who work with me daily to enhance the lives of all the children in the nursery. I love working alongside the children’s families so we can all make the nursery years effective and a fantastic start to each individual child’s education.