We say goodbye to Miss Smith on Friday… she will be so so missed but we wish her all the luck in the world!
Beach clean at Treyarnon this Sunday at 11am… keep up the great efforts over the holidays
Have a wonderful, safe, sunny holiday!


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St Merryn School Data 2016

We cover all areas of the National Curriculum Full Curriculum

Robins (reception)

Children in reception work closely with their parents as they make the transition into full time education. We strive to develop children who are keen to find out and explore and to be motivated to persevere by encouraging decision-making and confidence. Our fantastic school grounds and the local area around us are used extensively and our resources reflect the children’s interests. Robins are the ‘food explorers, as we regularly taste the culinary delights provided by the chefs in the café. The children also explore a new food ingredient every week by using all of their senses.

Wagtails (Year 1) and Starlings (Year 2)

We are the ‘farmers‘at St Merryn School and explore their curriculum by investigating their natural and local environment, whilst simultaneously gathering research about different cultures and time periods. We regularly make trips off site, but also draw on the expertise of those in our local community to help us develop a deeper understanding of the subject and enrich the learning, which takes place in classroom.

On a day-to-day basis we feed, clean and check the health of our school chickens. We also have daily weather monitors who keep a watchful eye on the rainfall and temperature to ensure we are maximising our crop yield by watering them appropriately. Every week, we take an afternoon to tend to our crops through our ‘planting, growing and harvesting’ work. Once our crops are ready to harvest, the chefs use them in their cookery lessons as they prepare meals for the Robins to taste.

Kestrels (year 3 and 4)

We are the creative ‘chefs’ of the school. In our curriculum we use food as a stimulus to explore the world around us. We research and experiment with recipes both British and worldwide that help us develop our cooking skills throughout the year. It is a multi sensory experience as we create and taste foods from a variety of cultures and historical times. The children are encouraged to develop their own learning by questioning and research, recognising global issues like deforestation, pollution, fair trade and poverty as well as local ones like tourism and the conservation of the Cornish culture and countryside.

Barn Owls (year 5 and 6)

In year 5 and 6 we continue to build on the skills we have already developed. Our role is to be the ‘entrepreneurs’ of the school. We learn about the world of business and how trade and money shape our lives. Through learning about the environment and man’s influence on the planet, we dabble in everything from Parliament to packaging and carbon footprints to recycling and sustainability. We also have the opportunity to visit London in our biannual residential.