Harvest Festival Friday 5th October 2:15pm
School closed to pupils on Friday 19th October for staff training

Evacuee Week

Wow what an amazing Evacuee Week we all had! From making butter and peg dolls, building air raid shelters, bandaging the wounded, catching the train to selling rationed provisions in the shop – the pupils had a taste of all things¬†World War 2 and loved every minute! There were several teary eyes on Monday morning as the whole school waved goodbye to their parents singing ‘Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!’ and made their way up to the Parish Hall for our billeting reenactment. On their way to the hall, one of our Robins told Mr Cotton that this was ‘the best day ever!’ Whilst eating their jam sandwiches and clinging onto their gas mask boxes, the children listened to the experiences of three elderly members of our community, each with a different story to tell of their time as children in World War 2. Cindy, who was evacuated to Cornwall from Bristol at just 6 years old, told the children it was the best time of her life, and Cornwall seemed to be full of sunshine and flowers. Savanna Keat from Barn Owls class, said it was exciting to hear about what it would have been like to be evacuated by train at only 6 years old.


During the rest of the week each class had a workshop in each themed room, as well as a visit from Darren Paskins, a Naval officer with an amazing collection of WW2 memorabilia and lots of facts to share. Pupils in Years 3-6 had an exciting Lindyhop/ Jive dance workshop with Lisa Stephens of Mind Body Dance, to give them an idea of entertainment whilst Britain was at war.


Our chef, Mrs Lindsay, created a War time menu especially; the children were pleasantly surprised at how tasty the recipes were!

We were very excited to welcome the CEO of TLAT, Robin Cowen, when he came to visit on Wednesday morning. He was ‘bowled over by the huge engagement and excitement all over the school.’


A huge thank you to all the parents for supporting our Evacuee Week so wonderfully; the pupils were a credit to you and we hope you enjoy just a few of the exciting moments captured!

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