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Archive | Starlings Class

Beach School

Starlings class had a fantastic first session at beach school. We found out all about the many creatures that make their homes in the different tidal zones of the beach. We learnt how to find common shore crabs that are hiding under the sand, which seaweeds are edible and how all of the creatures who […]

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Matthew Stevens visits the Starlings

The Starlings had a lovely afternoon finding out about the different fish that are caught around the coast of Cornwall. The children asked loads of really good questions about the fish and how they were caught. Mr Stevens was extremely impressed with the children’s knowledge and interest in the cornish coastline and how we can […]

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Starlings get a letter

Starlings class were very excited when they received a letter from Julia Donaldson. As part of our literacy work this term we read lots of Julia Donaldson’s books thinking about the style of her writing and the different characters she used. In particular we focussed on ‘The Highway Rat’, all of the children wrote book […]

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Starlings baking

The Starlings enjoyed baking bread for the school bake off. They were extremely pleased to be awarded second place for their bespoke loaves. The children were able to choose from a selection of different seeds to use as toppings for their bread, this provided some fantastic opportunities for the children to discuss where the seeds […]

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Christmas Play

This years play,  ‘It’s a Nativity! ‘  was performed for the first time ever at St Merryn Church. Without exception, the children were amazing, adapting brilliantly to their new surroundings and the complicated technology. Our grateful thanks to everyone involved for making it such a success, especially the Church for accommodating us and allowing us to […]

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Starlings post their letters

  Starlings class really enjoyed going for a walk through the village to post their letters. It was such a lovely afternoon, we decided to practise some road safety whilst we were out and about. The children were extremely sensible and were all using their senses as they stopped, looked and listened. Well done Starlings.

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Fruits from around the world

Starlings class have really enjoyed finding out about different fruits from around the world. We used atlases to find where the fruits had come from and then we had a chance to taste them. The children really enjoyed this activity with many of them trying fruit they hadn’t tasted before.   .

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