Please join us for our Carol Concert at 2:15pm at the church on Thursday 20th – the last day of term!
Spring term starts on January 7th 2019
Merry Christmas – have a wonderful festive break!

Amber warning for snow

Many thanks for your cooperation in collecting pupils so quickly this afternoon; it is always a very difficult decision whether or not to close and we rely on reports from other areas. Having been told of snow in Wadebridge and the secondary school closing as well as many neighbouring schools we made the decision to close with the best intentions for everyone’s safety, being mindful of ensuring our staff are able to get home outside of the village.

There is an amber warning in place for tomorrow (Thursday 1st), however we plan to assess the conditions in the morning and inform you of any changes to the school day at that point; a text will be sent as well as a website update.

Thank you

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